God has given us WHAT!?!

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love,  and self-discipline.” II Timothy 1:7 NLT

Ok, how familiar are you with this verse? Normally I tend to focus on the fact that fear does not come from God. But today something else jumped out at me; what our great God HAS given us. I would like to share it with you as part of our FLURISHING journey together.
GOD gives us power, love and OH MY GOODNESS, self-discipline. Did you catch that? Self-discipline! I never caught that before. Don’t all of us need that? When we desire to FLURISH, our GOD will give us power for self-discipline. How fantastic is that?!?

To access this power we must first, KNOW (consider yourself informed) that our God wants to give it to us and then BELIEVE that He will give it. So much depends on believing the things God says. We can read the Bible all day long but the key is believing and then EXPECTING Him to do what He says.
Do you struggle with self-discipline? Have you ever considered practical help from the Almighty is this area? Cakes, cookies, and pastries are my weakness. Things get nasty when I eat too many. Head gets fuzzy, can’t think straight, physical weakness sets in and sometimes I pass out. Not much good to God when I’m a helpless heap on the floor. When I talked to God about this issue, He offered some practical suggestions such as;
1. Only indulge in homemade sweets. They are worth it.
2. Keep sweets out of sight and out of the house if possible.
3. Earn your sweet by doing some type of physical exercise.
4. But the number one help HE showed me is that I could not fulfill His plan for my life if I ate too many sweets. Physically I’d be too weak.
As a result I have made smarter choices and haven’t had any health issues. I ‘m truly flurishing in this area of life.
Maybe for you it’s financial issues? You’re in debt and you just can’t get out no matter how hard you try? What about time? Do you manage time well and get things done or do you waste time? And, do you beat yourself up whenever you feel you have failed in any of these or other areas of life? I know I have.
If we want to FLURISH, we need to know our God offers help. Use these words in II Timothy 1:7 as often as you are faced with decisions requiring self-discipline. Practice self-talk for self-discipline “God has given me the spirit of self-discipline to make the best decision right now regarding ______.” (whatever your particular problem may be) Saying it aloud might help and with consistent use can become second nature in your thoughts.
I encourage you to believe He wants to help you with self-discipline and intentionally decide to depend upon His power to help you with all your choices increasing your ability to FLURISH!! Talk to you soon….

Shine On….
karan k