A Personal Note

“I will search for faithful people to be my companions.” Psalm 101:6a



To those who are just getting to know me this is a personal note from my heart;

My favorite thing in all the world is to visit those I love.  I am a social person by nature so people have always ranked high on my priority list. Endeavoring to keep in touch through letters, phone calls and especially visits has been a source of joy. Hugs are extraordinarily precious!  I am so grateful for the love and loyalty of so many in my life. You have touched my heart in countless ways.

A few years ago I hit a milestone birthday which set off some realizations like mental fireworks. I grasped the reality of my own mortality. This in turn illuminated the fact I could easily count how many more times I would see those I hold dear in this life. For those faraway it was only a handful of memories yet to be made. It saddened and scared me but also motivated me to be more deliberate in my appreciation of those I love.

One on One with you!
One on One with you!

I struggle with being in the moment. My mind and my mouth usually race ahead and trample over those who are close. Forgive me. I hope to develop better listening skills in the time afforded me. Another regret is losing the ability to multitask and so time is a premium. Social media is helpful but I truly wish I had skads of time to spend with each of you one on one. Just catching up and sharing our hearts. Perhaps in heaven? Extend grace until then.

My aim is to inspire never to condemn. I long to share and encourage you on the paths created for you. Over the years I met and made new friends and my family grew which made it harder and harder to keep in touch regularly. I never want my precious friends and family to feel ignored or neglected. Please know I love you dearly. It is not my intention to hurt only to love. As an imperfect human being I know I have failed along the way many times. I pray that I will improve as time marches on.

Friends and family members are gifts to enrich our lives and I am grateful for each of you who have ever taken the time to get to know me. You have been my pleasure and deepest treasure next to Jesus. Be blessed by Him today!

“Take advantage of every opportunity because these are evil times.” Common English Bible

FLURISH with those you love!


Shine on. . .
karan k

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