What does your closet look like? Mine is usually overcrowded with hanging clothes. Overflowing with accessories, purses, hats and lots of shoes of course! Plus unsightly piles of sentimental stuff line every nook and cranny floor to ceiling. I thought I had really arrived when I acquired a walk-in closet but it is so full most of the time that I can’t even close the door! The closet has definitely lost some of it’s appeal.
My dear husband has a closet (smaller than mine, naturally) that is top to bottom organized like the shelves of jeans at the Gap store. Everything neatly folded and in its proper place. Drives me crazy with envy. And my closet drives him insane! So every now and then I clean out and organize my closet (which is usually an all day affair). For about a week the closet space is uncluttered and pleasant to enter. But something strange happens after that first week. An overturned shoe, a blouse dangling on a hanger, rumpled scarves suddenly askew on the floor beneath their assigned hook all add unwanted annoyance to my day. Why can’t my closet remain like my husbands?!?
This question rolls around in my mind like a marble on a roulette wheel. Every time the wheel stops, the marble lands on the black space labeled CROWDED. I see it, feel a twinge of regret and promptly clean out the closet… until the next time.
My mind can be just like my closet, busy and crowded. A myriad of thoughts are constantly zig zagging and intertwining within my brain. I don’t like my mind being on full tilt, it isn’t comfortable. I realize it’s partly just being female, wired for hyper multi-tasking capabilities. But I wonder if I add to my own brain overload by overcrowding my life, my mind AND my closet with too many things!?! The result being anxiety and frustration. Who enjoys an anxious, frustrated person?
The Bible says we should cast all our cares on Jesus in I Peter 5:7. “Cast all your anxiety on HIM because HE cares for you.” New International version. In the Message Bible it reads, ‘Live carefree before GOD; HE is most careful with you.”
Consider the word CAREFREE. It sounds wonderful, peaceful and playful even. How many of us feel like that. . . EVER!?! Surely not enough and surely not all the time but that is exactly how our loving GOD intends for us to live. HE wants us to just roll our troubles over to Him. He will take care of them. Almost all of them are out of our control so why not hand them over to Someone who has the power to do something about them? He cares and He can handle it all! “I am the LORD, the God of all the peoples of the world. Is anything too hard for Me?” Jeremiah 32:27 New Living translation
Boils down to trusting His words again. I’m tired of the roulette wheel, how about you? I am handing over my concerns and my closet to Him. He’ll help me figure things out a bit at a time so I don’t become overwhelmed.
Carefree, here I come! Join me and FLURISH carefree style no matter what your closet looks like!5457095975_e0ed71d7c5_o!
karan k

9 thoughts on “CAREFREE Closets”

  1. This makes me really stop and think and remember that nothing is impossible for him to handle! Even the little things! Thank you for sharing this! Love and God’s Blessings, Rose (RCOG)

    1. Thank you Rose!! Hope you find time to keep reading… you can subscribe at the bottom of each post. you will get email alerts to feel you when I publish new posts,

  2. God’s perfect timing, thank you for giving me your Blog, Thursday morning at the coffee shop. I can relate to the closet. The familiar to me is worry, my mind is being renewed, when I fall back into the trap, God reminds me to cast all of my cares unto Him. Thanks for the reminder.
    Sandy Grubb

    1. You are soooo right Sandy!! Loved meeting you and Donna impromptu! GOD is AMAZING!!! Glad the post was a good reminder. Keep on FLURISHING! See you around, who knows where!?!:)

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