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Blown Away


“So what makes us think we can escape if we ignore this great salvation that was first announced by the Lord Jesus Himself and then delivered to us by those who heard Him speak?” Hebrews 2:3 New Living Translation

Yesterday I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood. The wind was brutal but the sun was shining. It felt good to feel the warmth of the sun and be pushed about by the strength of the wind. As I walked around the block, I noticed everyone’s bagged newspapers were blown out of their driveways. Ours was completely MIA. Some people feel these free newspapers are a nuisance and create more trash. They don’t even bother to pick them up to dispose of them properly. I like receiving mine every week and was disappointed that it had flown the coop.

I continued walking around the block three times, four times, five times etc., until about the ninth time I noticed a patch of common ground between the homes that had four newspapers strewn across it. I continued walking and the tenth time I noticed a fifth paper laying in the street near the four others in the common ground. I decided to pick it up since it could have been ours and didn’t belong in the street.

As I carried my treasure back to our house I thought to myself, these papers must have been stuck in this common ground area during my entire walk. Why had it taken me nine passes before I even noticed them?

Likewise, ever find yourself driving somewhere and after you arrive you have no recollection of the drive? You’re lost in thought, distracted, preoccupied with something seemingly more important than your surroundings. In this condition we miss things that are right in front of us. It’s a common occurrence but a dangerous one.

It’s also dangerous in the spiritual realm. Like those local freebie newspapers, the Good News of the Gospel is free to everyone but many in our society are not interested in the “free news”. They think our culture is already cluttered with too much Jesus news. They want to discard it as worthless just like the newspapers blown around my neighborhood.

It can be easy to slip into that same mindset swirling all around us. Pulled into thinking that suggests the Free Good News is too restrictive, false or no longer needed in this world geared toward humanistic belief systems and lifestyles. We may think we’d never ever consider discarding the precious Word, but do we neglect it and let it lay on the sidewalks of our mind behind all the pressing business of our day?

We must guard the living message of the Gospel of Christ to be effective for the Kingdom. It is the true power behind all that we do as believers. We must keep it close, pure and fresh in our hearts so we may encourage each other as times grow rough. So we may hand the Good News out freely whenever opportunity arises and hope is needed.

“Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and make me willing to obey You.” Psalm 51:12 New Living Translation

Don’t let the winds of life blow away your time in the Word but rather be blown away by the Good News of the Word.


“For this reason we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away from it.” Hebrews 2:1 New American Standard Bible

Shine on. . .
karan k

Read Hebrews chapter 4, just 16 verses of insight


Shine On Sign Off

“. . .Live clean, innocent lives as children of God, shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people.” Philippians 2:15b New Living Translation



I’ve noticed more items with the phrase “Shine On” for purchase in shops lately. I received a sweatshirt for Christmas with “Shine On” printed on the front and for my birthday, a wall hanging with the same phrase. Perhaps it’s a new trend? I hope it does spread because it’s a beautiful timeless idea and I will use it whether it’s en vogue or not.

I wear a thumb ring on my left hand that I’ve had for about 8 years now. It was given to me by one of my sweet and closest friends when I first became a Life Coach. I named my coaching ministry StudioShine so my friend found this ring to highlight this new venture in my life.

The ring is imprinted with the words “Shine On!” across the outside and it has become such a part of me that I rarely remove it. It has withstood eight years of daily abuse and remains in good condition. I’m grateful for its durability because I fear I could not replace it if it was damaged or lost. I like it so much that I decided to use it for FLURISH. If you’re a regular FLURISH reader you may recognize “Shine On” as the sign off I include at the end of every post. It’s a symbol of my hearts desire so it’s very important to me.

A precious gift I hope to have forever!

The best part about the ring is hidden on the inside of the metal and I had forgotten about it until the other day. I decided to remove the ring to refresh my memory. On the inside rim these words are inscribed, “The World Needs Your Beautiful Light”. So the complete message of the ring is:

SHINE ON—- The World Needs Your Beautiful Light.

Isn’t that great? What a wonderful gift! This tiny ring has encouraged me so often when the temptation to give up prowls around in my mind. Someone somewhere needs the light only I can shine. It encourages me to keep going, keep trusting, keep FLURISHING and keep shining on!


The same is true for you if you’re a believer in Christ. We hold HIS eternal Light within us and we just need to let it shine out of us because someone in this cold world needs the warmth and hope only HIS Light offers through us. How do you let HIM shine through you?

“In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.” Matthew 5:!6 New Living Translation

Shine on wherever you are. . .

karan k



North Shore Adventure: Part I

“There is precious treasure and oil in the house of the wise [who prepare for the future], but a short-sighted and foolish man swallows it up and wastes it.” Proverbs 21:20 Amplified Bible

While vacationing on Oahu, Hawaii my husband Dwight and I had a great desire to travel from Honolulu to the North shore of the island. It was approximately a 45 minute drive so we booked a shuttle excursion because it cost less than a rental car.

In addition to the shuttle passage through pineapple plantations, our excursion included two activities in the North shore area. We were able to choose from a long list of inviting adventures.

The first thing we decided to do was some bicycling. We rode along the Banzai Pipeline where the rich and famous have homes on the beach some valued over $5,000,000. We parked our bikes in a grove of palm trees where we were just a few steps from the beach.

Filled with glorious joy, Dwight strode out to the shoreline like a giddy school boy, camera clutched in his eager hands. The subject? Surfers practicing on the big waves for the next days competition.


Twenty-five to 30 foot waves came crashing toward him over and over as his camera clicked and captured the daring surfers unafraid to challenge the powerful tide. A photographers feast for film, Dwight delighted in every click of his shutter. I stood a good distance away in the shade of the palms observing my husband’s joy. There’s something so warming to the soul to watch first hand as someone you love experiences what I call “unbridled glee”. His smile  bigger, his gait  faster and he’s relishing every moment. My heart soared for him.

I had to praise Jesus for this utter blessing to see Dwight so happy. The Lord provided our jobs and some overtime and the grace to save money to afford this fabulous trip. It was worth every moment of self denial over the 12 months we saved to see Dwight thoroughly enjoy himself at the North Shore and many other Hawaiian adventures I have yet to record.


I hope these entries will inspire you to FLURISH through travel and see some of what our loving Father has created for us!


Shine on . . .

karan k

Leaning in to love


Red Light Isolation



“A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back to back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12 New Living Translation

Do you like movies? If so, what are some of your favorites?

Spencer Tracy in Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde 1941

I love movies, all types. Most genres except Horror and Westerns. But even some of those I enjoy. For example, some of the old Horror films that have become cult classics like 1931’s version of Frankenstein, or Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with Spencer Tracy in the dual role. The Mummy from 1959, and for Westerns I like McClintock and The Magnificent Seven with an all-star cast (Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Robert Vaughn, Eli Wallach, James Coburn and Horst Buchholz) from 1960.


The Magnificent Seven 1960

Some of those older movies have such great scripts and since I aspire to one day write a successful screenplay, I take notice of the dialogue used. For example, I like this line from an old Cops and Robbers movie in 1949 called Red Light:

“You know Johnny, when you play Solitaire, you only beat yourself.”

Solitary pain


The line made me think of how many of us play Solitaire with our lives. We don’t let anyone close enough to know who we really are. We don’t allow anyone to help us when struggles and hardships enter our game. We insist on suffering in silence. But where does that get us?

Our loving Father designed us for relationships and community not for isolation and living as a one person team. Instead of Solitaire we need to play life INTERDEPENDENT on others not independent of others. Consider a team mindset like in  team-handball, soccer, football or baseball. A small close knit group that plays as a team to win. Each depends on the other to help the team move forward to victory.

Team Handball

So as the New year approaches ask yourself, am I playing Solitaire or a team sport? Do I need to stop isolation? Give it the red light and become a team player? None of us knows what we will face good or bad in the coming year but we truly need each other to FLURISH!

Let’s help each other

“This makes for harmony among the members, so that all the members care for each other. If one part suffers, all the parts suffer with it, and if one part is honored, all the parts are glad.” I Corinthians 12:25 & 26 New Living Translation

Group hug

Shine on. . .

Spicy Life

“It’s so much easier to pray for a Bore than to go and see one.”
C.S. Lewis “Letters to Malcolm”

Got any interesting routines in your life? Most of us have at least morning routines to help us get our day started. Alarm. A cup of coffee or tea. A Shower. Brush teeth. Get dressed. etc. I usually throw in a few stretches to start pumping the blood before I don my work uniform.

Routines can be extremely helpful when attempting to maintain a time schedule. But routines can also be a detriment. The problem with routines are they can become. . . routine. Yeah, they become so automatic that we may not even consider them routine but a part of who we are. That ‘part’ can becoming boring.

Do you think of yourself as boring? Do you feel bored?  Do others shy away from you at social gatherings? If so, you may have stumbled into the rut of the routine, operating mechanically, without passion or conscious thought. The longer you keep your routines, the more enslaved by them you become. You can morph into a boor. Is this what you want?

Consider God and His consistent love affair with variety. He spills unending assortments into our world through color, shapes, sounds, seasons, creatures, food, topography, emotions, plants, and so on constituting an entire universe exploding with diversity.

Flower fields of color—San Diego, CA

“Variety is the very spice of life” a familiar phrase written by English poet William Cowper in his work entitled “The Task’. Fifteenth century dramatist Aphra Behn stated the same thought this way, “Variety is the soul of pleasure.”

Maybe its time to change things up a bit? Explore a new interest or hobby? Visit someone you haven’t seen for a long time? Try new foods? Take the scenic route from time to time. Whatever you have to do to break the monotonous spell of the routine. Unless of course, you enjoy being bored and possibly boring?

If you sense you could be boring or a boor and you wish you were different, here are a few tips that may help:

Try photography
  1. Read more— magazines of various types, books, newspapers etc. The more interesting and diverse issues you can converse about the more interesting you will be perceived. You will no longer fear discussions when you have new information to share.
  2. Develop multiple hobbies. Start trying new things you may never have considered in the past. You might be surprised to find enjoyment from an unlikely source.
  3. Explore new places even if it starts close to home. Just follow your nose to unfamiliar areas and then widen your circumference of exploration as time and finances allow.
  4. Challenge yourself to do one spontaneous thing each week, even if it seems silly. Example; Buy an outfit that is totally unlike anything else you own whether in style or color. Or sign up for lessons of some sort like dance or cooking or ask a friend to teach you a skill they have.
Dance classes?

I hope you choose to FLURISH in variety rather than relegate yourself to routine!

Shine on. . .
karan k

Love the Alps! Have you seen them?

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live. That each of them may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all their toil—this is the gift of God.” Ecclesiastes 3:11-13 New International Version

Practical Columbo [people pleaser finale’]

“If you live for people’s acceptance you will die from their rejection.” Lecrae

Let that sink in.


Columbo always made me think

Now are there any Columbo fans out there? For those unfamiliar, “Columbo ” was a successful TV crime drama that ran from 1960 to 2003. Lt. Columbo, played mostly by actor Peter Falk was noted for the phrase “Just one more thing”. So I’m sharing one more time some thoughts from my own ongoing journey to overcome people pleasing:

Listen up People Pleasers: Learn your own limitations. Each of us have different energy levels. Too much people pleasing can deplete our energy affecting our health and close relationships leading to serious breakdowns in either or both. Remember the opening quote.

“If you live for people’s acceptance you’ll die from their rejection.”

How many nonessential activities can you handle each week and remain fresh and lively? If you feel sluggish or grumpy, perhaps you need to cut back? It’s not wrong to put yourself first now and then when the motivation is to rejuvenate and stave off resentment!


What do your life commitments look like to those who care about you? Ask them for their honest opinion. Listen with a mind willing to make adjustments.

Another Columbo catch phrase; “There’s something that bothers me” and that is, people pleasers need practical tips to reform. So here goes:


Realize you always have a choice: It may not be apparent to you right away, but look for options. Don’t let fear pressure you to take the road more comfortable. That choice could lead to deeper pain later down that same road.

Columbo’s Wheels

Set your priorities ahead of time: Know what you believe and why about yourself, your capabilities and your faith. This is an area to revisit often throughout your life as you grow and change.


Stall for time to pray about the request: This is key. Telling the person/persons making a request of you that you need time to pray and consider their request will help you make the best decision. It gives you time alone with God and away from the pressure of answering in a weak moment.


“For we speak as messengers approved by God to be entrusted with the Good News. Our purpose is to please God, not people. He alone examines the motives of our hearts.”
I Thessalonians 2:4 New Living Translation

“What did you pay for those shoes?” Another famous Columbo question. My answer? Doesn’t matter because I like them and they were worth the price.” Said with confidence and a wink.

Shine on. . .
karan k

“Oh, just one more thing:” Be advised that saying “No” to some people could cause unfavorable backlash. This is to be expected and all part of the process for becoming a reformed people pleaser.



People Pleaser Burnout Remedy


Ever have a day all to yourself to do exactly what you want? To do what makes you jazzed, relaxed, happy? What did you do? Or what would you do if you haven’t taken one of these extraordinary days?

As a people pleaser it is beyond difficult to steal an entire day away from others, but believe it or not, it’s not impossible and it’s a command from God.


The fourth commandment says in the Amplified Bible;
“[Earnestly] remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy (withdrawn from common employment and dedicated to God). Exodus 2:8

Suffering burnout from People Pleasing? You can prevent it.

I recently heard a message by Jeff Henderson from a DVD series called Life Apps* that focussed on the subject of REST in a believers life. Most of us were taught the Ten Commandments from a young age. I thought the fourth one about the Sabbath was a day we should set aside for worshipping God, which is entirely correct. What I didn’t understand is the various forms of worship.

Worship doesn’t always have to take place in a church. Worship doesn’t always have to be reserved for Sundays. Worship can be more than reading the Bible, praying and singing to God. Are any of these thoughts foreign to you?


What I happily gleaned from Jeff Henderson’s message is that setting time apart to be with God can and should be not only restful but fun. One of the ideas of the Sabbath is to relax and find renewed energy and passion for the things of God. So sometimes we have to do something else to recharge. Something we enjoy. Something like reading a good book, playing golf, taking photographs, whatever it is that you find fun, relaxing and renewing.

“So I decided there is nothing better than to enjoy food and drink and to find satisfaction in work. Then I realized that these pleasures are from the hand of GOD. For who can eat or enjoy anything apart form Him?” Ecclesiastes 2:24 & 25 New Living Translation


Our God wants us to enjoy the life He gave us. He instilled personality and interests in each of us that we need time to develop to become His whole and satisfied people. As individuals we can shine and FLURISH for God wherever we are but we must take time for His Sabbath rest regularly. And that comes down to trust.


Trusting Him to help us get all our other responsibilities finished in six days. After all, since He created the entire universe in 6 days and took a rest on the seventh, we should take at least that much.

Will you trust Him? Put people pleasing aside or any other hindrance.  Take a 24 hour sabbath getaway once a week. This is God’s time management for you. Is He Lord of your time? I’m trying this twist on it and so far it’s freeing and fabulous!

When we obey and do things His way we can can come back to our regular duties after resting and they may no longer seem like duties. His Spirit will have adjusted our attitudes and our priorities. We will be more energized, passionate and replenished to do His work.

Ponder Mark 2:25-28 Share your thoughts.

Shine on. . .
karan k

*(DVD series Life Apps by North Point Resources—- highly recommended if you are in search of a study for a small group).



“Don’t be concerned about the outward beauty of fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes. ” I Peter 3:3 New Living translation

The famous older face of Lucille Ball—strikingly gorgeous!

“The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.”                                  —–Lucille Ball

Anyone ever tell you that you’re beautiful on the inside? It’s true that being attractive is more about what comes out from the inside than what you look like on the outside. True beauty has its origins on the inside, in the heart.

As Christ followers that is a deep compliment for our spirit. But our flesh or humanity doesn’t care for that sort of backhanded compliment, does it? We all want to feel good about how we look.


HOW DO I LOOK? Well put together? Stylish? Frumpy? Tired? Too fat? Too thin? Pale? Healthy?

It’s a question I often ask my husband. I want him to be honest with me but I realize at my current age there may be coming a time when he will seriously consider fudging his answer so as to spare my delicate feelings.

I’ve always wanted to grow old gracefully but I think it’s more a state of mind than actual physical appearance. Ever notice how someone can look all mean and sour one moment and then something makes them laugh or smile? When the smile hits their face suddenly they look totally different. The smile drags years off their face. It doesn’t matter if they’re old and wrinkled as long as their heart is light they remain attractive through their attitude.

smiling is youthful and attractive at any age

As we age we can eat healthy, exercise and cleanse our skin with nutrient rich products. All wonderful practices as long as we do not become obsessed with our physical appearance. Obsession will wear us out in the end. As always, balance is key.

Do your best to take care of yourself and then ask God for grace to accept and love the face you see in your mirror. Then you can gracefully FLURISH through the aging process.

“You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.” I Peter 3:4 New Living translation

Shine on. . .
karan k


How do YOU Pray?

“When you call Me and come and pray to Me, I will listen to you.” Jeremiah 29:12 Common English Bible

Just some thoughts about prayer. . .

Each of us deepens and develops our relationship with the great God of the universe by prayer. How do we view prayer? According to prayer is “a devout petition to God or an object of worship; a spiritual communion with God or an object of worship, as in supplication, thanksgiving, adoration or confession.”

Do we come before Him in an attitude of worship? Do we speak to Him in reverence and love? I admit that I forget at times just who it is I’m addressing. The depth of who He is is fathomless to my finite mind.

I am a huge believer in being very real with God and talking to Him about everything. He knows all about me anyway so no use holding back.  I believe He delights in my active inclusion of Him in the details of my day.

However, I do not want to forget His holy, righteous and awesome nature. There is a fine line to balance between casual communication and worshipful wonder. It’s a balance I believe we must hold tight to guard ourselves from presuming upon His divine personage.

I know some do not agree with praying about things seen as trivial. (see last post HEAT FLASH)  Out of reverence for God they may be more conservative with what matters they bring before Him.

What do you pray about? What type of things do you feel are worthy of time in prayer?

How do you address God? Dear heavenly Father? Dear Lord Jesus? Abba Father { Daddy Father}?  Or something else? Jesus said, “Pray like this: Our Father in heaven, may Your name be kept holy.” Matthew 6:9 New Living translation

When do you pray? How often do you pray? Got any prayer tips to share so all of us can benefit?

If I wake up earlier than my alarm with a bit of coherence I tend to pray for people who have ongoing issues. Or perhaps pray about concerns specific for that day. Later, when I get up for devotions, I pray over the things listed in my prayer journal. Yes, I do keep a journal so I can see answers to prayer. I highlight each prayer when it’s answered and then I  pray thanksgiving and praise for the answer.

Without the journal I find that I forget to either keep praying in ongoing situations or forget to thank God for His answers. A journal is a wonderful way to build faith when looking back over answers from the past. They prove God’s faithfulness when the temptation to doubt arises.

During my work day, I have short conversations with God. I make lots of requests for grace to deal with difficult situations or customers as the case may be. Sometimes I go on prayer walks during my break time and pray about more urgent needs of the day and for global leaders. I find walking while I pray diffuses the physical proneness to fall asleep during prayer. But then again, what better way to go to sleep than in the arms of Jesus?


Please share your ideas and practices concerning prayer.


Shine on. . .
karan k

“And remember that the heavenly Father to whom you pray has no favorites. He will judge or reward you according to what you do . So you must live in reverent fear of Him during your time as ‘foreigners in the land’.” I Peter 1:17 New Living translation

Margin of Rest


“Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life.” Philippians 4:6+7 The Message Bible


Ever notice when you’re stressed every little thing irritates the heck out of you? Somebody says something wrong or even looks at you weird and bam, you’re angry, frustrated, stressed. Sometimes you explode. Stress can do that.


But stress can also be a great motivator for getting things done. lt doesn’t have to be a negative thing but it does need to be kept in balance.  Stress must be kept in  direct balance with the level of margin or cushion in your life. If you have  little or no margin/downtime, stress will be high. Likewise, more downtime will lessen your stress levels. We all know this simple principle but do we apply it to our own lives?


It’s an area I’m partnering with God to improve. I have to constantly keep it in check, like watching a pot on the stove come to a boil. If I don’t watch it, there’s gonna be a boil over and inevitably a mess.


I notice stress over deadlines can make me extra snappy with people at work, friends but especially my husband. I HATE when I do that!!! He hates it too and then he gets snappy and we go round and round. Not exactly the way I want to experience “Marital Bliss”.

Full schedules  can lead to stress, anxiety and unfortunately, angry outbursts. So I am attempting to simplify and build margins of time into my days.


What does that look like? For me, it’s staying home after work and the gym a couple nights each week, working on those things that have deadlines. Giving myself a free day a couple times a month where I expect nothing from myself. I think God had this same idea by giving us Sabbath rests once a week. (smile)

For my husband it looks a bit different. During the work week he needs more time at home to rest and recharge, so he prefers no activity after work on weeknights. On weekends he prefers doing one activity each day, not multiple ones. He’s often said he likes to go do things every other day. One day of activity requires one day of rest.

Each of us has a different limit of overload. Some personalities can take on a lot of activity and thrive all the while. Other personalities become frustrated and stressed over few activities and/or responsibilities. Each of us should discover our own limit of overload and then aim to remain under the limit. Otherwise we will make ourselves and those around us rather miserable.


What is your personal limit of overload? What stresses you? Think about it and identify your stresses. Put limits on those particular things and adjust your schedule in at least one area. This can benefit your own peace of mind helping you to be the best you for yourself and for those in your personal sphere of influence. Your co-workers, family and spouse deserve your best.

Life goes better with the right amount of margin


“. . . My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” Exodus 33:14 New International version

Take His rest today!

Shine on. . .
karan k

Fan Out Your Figures

Money Money Money

If your household is like mine, everybody works. Our combined finances keep the home fires burning. We’re down to a family of two. Our daughter is married now and flurishes in a neighboring town but the empty nest transition continues to challenge us. Needs and wants are different at this stage.

Out of his gracious heart, my husband allows me to handle all the finances. I asked for the responsibility when we first got married. He decided to give me the reins. If it didn’t work after a year, we agreed to try another plan. I appreciate his willingness to give my financial system a chance. After 10+ years I remain in charge and he continues to fully entrust me with the finances. But every now and then budgetary issues can get a bit dicey.

Dreaming of the mountains
Fantasizing about Europe
Wishing to be at the Beach

The same amount of revenue comes in most months and we have a working budget that I put together. Every year we make a few vacation plans and set some goals for saving money. But once in awhile I fear I bite off more than our budget can chew, so to speak. It’s sort of like a budgetary binge; perhaps you’re  also attempting to do something tremendous for your spouse or your children? Or treat yourself to something over the top? The price tag is a bit higher than your budget’s comfort cushion but you go for it anyway?

And then we have to fight off the vicious serpents of second guessing. Their bite can be deceitful leading us aboard the carousel ride where  fear doubt and worry ponies spin out of control if we’re not careful. Can you relate?

How do we justify splurging on ourselves when there are so many dire needs around us?


There are people starving all over the world every minute of every day. Worthy causes and ministries too numerous to number surround us in an age where we have access to give, making financial contributions around the clock.

Are we to live as monks giving up all our earthly pleasures?  (Consider the story of Job who was the richest person in the area where he lived and God called him righteous. Job 1:1)

How do we navigate our budgets to be good stewards?

We could give to the poor daily and there would still be more need. Jesus’ own words in Mark 14:7 say: “The poor you will always have with you, and you can help them whenever you want. But you will not always have Me.” Berean Study Bible

This is not an excuse from giving but to balance giving with His other desires for us such as; worshipping Him, caring for our bodies, maintaining relationships, interacting with creation and sharing the Gospel to name a few.

How do we balance our own wants with the needs of others? We are God’s stewards of the money HE allows us to earn. We will give an account one day of how we used all of His gifts, including money.

” ‘Well done!’ the King exclaimed. ‘You are a good servant. You have been faithful with the little I entrusted to you, so you will be  governor of ten cities as your reward.'” Luke 19:17 New Living translation


That being said, how do you handle these financial dilemmas? Share your ideas in the comment section. We can all learn from each other.

When facing such spiritual conundrums, I employ what I call “The Hezekiah Approach” from II Kings 19:14-20. It’s like FANNING OUT YOUR FIGURES BEFORE THE LORD. Read the passage and follow Hezekiah’s example.

Lay it all out and pray for His Spirit to guide you

This is where our relationship with THE HOLY SPIRIT comes into play. His guidance is the answer. Lay your financial life out before Him like individual ledgers. The bills, the budget, the needs, the wants, the giving opportunities. Talk to Him about your concerns, cares and even the things you really want. He cares about the details and He will guide you on how to make decisions specifically for your life. Of course this takes some time.

Time set aside to gather all the info.

Time physically to lay it out on a large surface.

Time set aside to pray over it and seek His direction.

We must be intentional saved followers and stewards of Christ. Definitely slows the decision making process on the front side, but if you’re making better decisions the end result will more than make up for the time spent.

His goals for us are clear but the steps leading  to completion of them are  usually fuzzy so that we never achieve them without His help. He wants to be involved every step of the way. Working with Him on projects draws you close if you cooperate.

This results in a FLURISHING relationship  with Him which is His bottom line. Start budgeting with Him asap!

Shine on. . .

karan k


Surfs Up?

“If possible, to the best of your ability, live at peace with all people.” Romans 12:18 Common English Bible


First of all, surfing did not find its way onto my bucket list and certainly not in the freezing waters of the Pacific in California. However, it did top my husband’s list. Endeavoring to be an “all in, fully attentive wife” I agreed to conquer the Surfing Bug by his side, much to his unbridled glee.

Aside from surfing, the people we met casually on this trip were pure delights and several have become friends. But one individual in particular proved especially challenging. He was our surfing instructor, Bill. A native Hawaiian he did not possess the typical hang loose attitude but employed a rather martinette teaching style. He and I butted heads from the gitgo.

The first part of our surf lesson entailed positions on the board and advancing through the steps to surf standing up. The instructor drilled us to repeat the moves and quizzed us on basic board knowledge. During this time Bill told the guy next to me that he failed to stand on his beached board because he needs to get into better shape. However, Bill’s phraseology was not quite as diplomatic as mine. OUCH! The guy kept apologizing for his protruding belly. I felt bad for him.

The guys followed Bill out to chest deep water for part two of the lesson while I frantically looked for drinking water—Dehydration anxiety set in due to 90 degree weather in a black wet suit. This did not please Bill, thus he abandoned me on the sand. A Good Samaritan came to my rescue with ice cold water, enough to refresh my body and get me out into the waves. She even bought more water for each of the other surfers. I am forever grateful.

Gathering my courage and MJT (Must Just Trust) attitude, I waded out toward my husband and Jansen (Mr. Lose weight or else). Both men struggled fiercely to follow their laid-back leader. Visibly frustrated, Bill barked out phrases such as, “you two are suckin! Listen to me! Do what I tell you!” On and on his encouraging mantras rang out over the waves. And then it was my turn.

“Get on your board, Karan!”

Ok. I’m in half decent shape for fast approaching senior hood but put me in chest high waves and ask me to mount my surf board for the first time was not an easy task. I gave it my best but my arms were weak and I was terrified to grab the “rails” for any reason since Bill had given profuse warnings against that earlier.

“Listen! Get! On! Your! Board!” I tried again and He finally hoisted me up and somehow I landed on the board and slid back quickly before he yelled at me about my “position”.:(  Normally I’d be embarrassed but my exasperation levels were mounting faster than I could fret over looking stupid. My angst even trumped my fear as I shouted over the  crashing waves…

“I’m more afraid of you than surfing!”

Bill half laughed but I think he knew I was just as frustrated with his meanness as he was with my inability to follow his orders.

Whipped and wiped out
Whipped and wiped out


Ever encounter people like Bill? Type A personalities who seem to have no people skills let alone compassion? Usually they excel in a given area and they expect you to know what they know. When you don’t, you’re treated with harsh impatience and possibly contempt.
I learned a heckuva lot from Bill that day but very little about surfing. Here are just a few lessons:

I learned my “unconditional love” skills needed honing.
I learned how understanding and patience are deep virtues needed to teach in any area of life in order for your students to learn in a positive way.
I learned how important it is to speak up for what is right even in angry tones, especially to protect the innocent. . . true righteous indignation.

So how did it all turn out? My husband Dwight mastered the board enough to stand and ride several waves all the way into the shoreline. Me, well I DID stand up on my board but my accomplishment was short lived as I tumbled into the waves each of my 9 attempts.:).

Bill invited us with his surf gang for lunch after the lesson and we had some quality one on one talks with him. We made an unspoken peace.
Jansen and his Good Samaritan girlfriend invited us to their boat and we now have two new friends on the West coast. Great people. Jansen continues surf lessons with Bill.

Hopefully Bill will realize his demeanor at times causes extra fear in his students which  hinders his goal to teach surfing with safe results. And degrading his hired help behind their backs is just plain mean and needs to cease. I continue to pray for Bill.:)
“Hotheads stir up conflict, but patient people calm down strife.” Proverbs 15:18 Common English Bible

Surfing Harmony
Surfing Harmony

Hang Ten if you dare and shine on. . .
karan k

Legally Bound?

Free to Fly
Free to Fly

“Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to Me. Get away with Me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with Me and work with Me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.” Matthew 11:28-30 The Message Bible

Isn’t this a beautiful portrait of how He wants our life to be with Him? So often we get bound up in legalistic do’s and don’ts that were never a part of His plan. We feel like we’re living in a religious cage, rather than basking in our position in His family.  (See John 1:10-13) When we allow Him to take His role as heavenly Father in our lives,  He leads, guides, helps, works with, talks to and builds our relationship on grace. Our lives are meant to be joyful and thriving because of Him in our hearts. We can FLURISH without limitation if we stay close to Him and follow His lead.

How that looks in each of our lives will be beautifully different because each of us has a distinct relationship with Him. This is how He meant it to be and even though it’s difficult for our minds to fathom, He can easily have a UNIQUE relationship with each of His children throughout history because He is the Almighty God with no limits on His power! Think about the awesomeness of that.

“Legalism” simply is the wrong use of laws or rules. It’s not from Jesus.
“Yes,'” said Jesus, “What sorrow awaits you experts in religious law! For you crush people with unbearable religious demands, and you never lift a finger to ease the burden.” Luke 11:46 New Living translation

Break the chains
Break the chains

We must free and guard ourselves against the foul spirit of legalism. It can be so subtle that we often do not recognize it in ourselves. It sours our spirit and can sour others around us. Legalism is wrong because it emphasizes the external without encouraging the internal. God is all about the heart and its motivations. He offers love, forgiveness and grace in abundance for our lives. Some examples (certainly not an exhaustive list because it truly would be exhausting to write it) of modern day legalism that are all too alive and well are:

Type of Attire?
Devotions—When? How long?
Observing Sabbath? (see Leisure Update post)
Women working outside the home?
Smoking pipe, cigars, cigarettes?
Drinking? (Not to be confused with drunkenness)
Going to movies?
Upbeat worship music?
Using instruments in worship music?
Watching tv?
How often to attend corporate worship?
To spank children or not?
Bible versions?

Etcetera etcetera etcetera

Have you developed any convictions of your own? For instance, some people feel you should never write in your Bible. I personally write and highlight in my Bible to track my special times talking with and learning from Jesus. As a result, my Bible is full of marked up memories. I do handle my Bible as sacred in other ways by not setting things on top of it and using it regularly. These are personal convictions not commands, demands or “less thans” in God’s eyes.

If you face a biblical gray area, talk to God about it. Reason with Him over what is right for you and make that your standard but do not expect others to hold to your standard. Where gray areas are concerned, our loving Lord provides freedom and invites each of us to find our personal convictions with His Spirit’s direction.

time and effort equals cultivation
time and effort equals cultivation

“Cultivate your own relationship with God, but don’t impose it on others. You’re fortunate if your behavior and belief are coherent. But if you’re not sure, if you notice that you are acting in ways inconsistent with what you believe—some days trying to impose your opinions on others, other days just trying to please them—-then you know that you’re out of line. If the way you live isn’t consistent with what you believe, then it’s wrong.” Romans 14:22-23 The Message Bible
FLURISH in His freedom and grace!

Shine on. . .
karan k

Pass the Buck


“Don’t be in debt to anyone, except for the obligation to love each other.” Romans 13:8a Common English Bible

Call me crazy, but I love bill paying day. Yesterday I was gathering all my bills and paying each one ahead of time in preparation for an upcoming trip. Still VERY old school, I wrote out a check for each one. And then euphoria set in. I cannot tell you how freeing it is to know all the monthly financial obligations have been met and I am not in the red! It’s a bit of a thrill every time. I know, insane right?

You see, I’ve trained myself since I began working full-time to give back to God His tithe and then pay any and all debts I incur monthly. Whatever is left after that is mine to spend. Of course some months are more exciting than others depending what’s left! 🙂 The freedom I feel after the bills are paid is tremendous and so fulfilling that I have continued this practice from 1981 to the present. It simply works for me and I remain debt-free except for my mortgage. And now I am chipping away at that to pay it off early.


Now don’t think for even a millisecond that all of this came easy or natural to me. It did not. I moved out on my own at eighteen so it was first born out of FEAR that I would not be able to provide for myself. After that, it was PRIDE that I would fail and have to move back home if I didn’t discipline my spending. So my motivation in the beginning was negative and sinful. But as I learned to trust God and give Him my finances, I began to develop His fruit of self control. HE is a kind, generous and easy Master (Matthew 11:29). Now my motivation for self control in my finances is positive and freeing.

Perhaps a different system works for you as far as HOW you pay your bills such as online banking, auto withdrawal, debit or credit cards etc.,? But the discipline of self control is the key to success. I told you way back in the beginning of our journey together that self discipline is a must for Christ followers. (See ‘God Gave Us What?’ post in Archives). The excellent news is HE will help us develop self discipline if we ask Him! Galatians 5:22— Self Control is one of the fruits of His Spirit.

If you feel you need help in the area of finances, check out Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps or Peace University at or Crown Financial at;

Don't be in bondage to your spending habits...
Don’t be in bondage to your spending habits…

“The wise have wealth and luxury, but fools spend whatever they get.” Proverbs 21:20 New Living translation

Financial Freedom is just another area to conquer on our journey of FLURISHING together. Spend wisely, my friends.

Shine on. . .
karan k

Leisure Update


What’s your take on the Sabbath? Only for worship and church? Or do you see it as a leisure day?  Or a combination of both?  Let’s look a bit more at this sometimes confusing subject.

“Observe the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Work six days and do everything you need to do. But the seventh day is Sabbath to God. Don’t do any work—not you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your servant, nor your maid, nor your animals, not even the foreign guest visiting in your town. For in six days God made heaven, earth, and sea, and everything in them; He rested on the seventh day. Therefore God blessed the Sabbath day; He set it apart as a holy day.”  Exodus 20:8-11 The Message Bible

Hooray for small victories.  I have finished the book; “When I Relax I Feel Guilty”. Wonders never cease and goals with accountability prove to be motivational once again. So a BIG thank you to all who read STATIC INTERFERENCE where I publicly stated I would finish this book by August’s end. Now that I accomplished this summer goal as promised, I will share a few things with you from the latter part of Tim Hansel’s book, “When I Relax I Feel Guilty” :

“Most of us fail to realize we have built into our calendars fifty-two miniature vacations every year. . . The principle of one day out of seven for worship and rest has been true since creation, but I know very few people who take that commandment seriously. I still struggle with it.

Again and again William McNamara’s comments about learning how to ‘waste’ that time for God’s sake come back to haunt me. ‘There is only one way to truly celebrate the Sabbath —and that is to waste it prodigiously. Until I can waste time prodigiously I do not take God seriously. If Christ is real, he must be able to hold me and captivate me.’ It is my acknowledgment of his sovereignty.

There must be a reason why rest was included in Creation, in the Ten Commandments, and why Jesus said that the Sabbath was made for man. There must be a reason why the Sabbath is fifty-two times more important than any other ‘holy-day.’ ” Tim Hansel



So the overall message of the book for me is God wants me to relax because  He knows I need it.  He knows it will enhance my life in every aspect if I observe His Sabbath. I should not allow guilt to overcome me when I  attempt to relax. I say attempt because it takes effort for me to relax which sounds like a complete oxymoron but it is reality for me. Busyness seems more natural but busyness is really something circumstances taught me. I fell prey to the busyness equals Godliness deception. Now after years of fast paced productivity for Jesus, I am tired and unable to relax.


But I am commanded to relax. If I don’t regularly set aside relaxing time, I will implode. That is in no way glorifying to God. In fact, I need to learn to be idle or still at least once a week. For a whole day. I definitely need prayer to accomplish this.  Our societal demands make it next to impossible but we should not give up in despair. Our Father will show each of us how to honor Him and His Sabbath according to how He wired us. See the need and ask for His help.

How about you? Are you a whirling dervish of activity? Do you labor for the Lord and ignore the fourth commandment? I secretly wonder at times if illness is brought on by failing to slow down? When I am sick I am forced to slow down. Just a crumb for thought.


What about “wasting time prodigiously” ? Never heard that in Sunday School. I can barely bring myself to say I need to learn to WASTE TIME in a big way!!! That thought is completely foreign to me and seems so wrong. And yet Jesus did say the Sabbath was made for man. So I need my mind renewed in this area.

“Then Jesus said to them, ‘The Sabbath was made to meet the needs of the people, and not people to meet the requirements of the Sabbath.’ ” Mark 2:27 New Living translation

We all need to be set apart to rest. To balance productivity with purposeful rest  is a command from our heavenly Father, but how many of us honor that command?  Six days of productivity, one day of rest. Sounds doable. Why is it so hard? I am too far on the productivity side expecting much more from myself than God does. Sounds like I think I know better than God. Sounds like I need to cease and desist from that practice! Lord, renew my mind in this area so I may better serve You during the productive times. Show me how to observe Your Sabbath and set it apart to enjoy You and FLURISH more.  Rest, relaxation and time wasting, here I come!   Just prayed and napped for an hour. Gotta start somewhere.

May you find the value of rest and refocus in your life as well. Time spent resting in Him in whatever way He directs you in your relationship with Him is priceless! And probably much more precious to Him than years of frenzied productivity.


Rest on. . .
karan k