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Garments of Praise


Curious outfit, Curious person?

“And behold, the woman meets him, dressed as a prostitute, wily of heart.” Proverbs 7:10 English Standard Version

Lady pulls up in a polka dot shirt. It looked so cheery that a smile burst across my face. I love polka dots, especially when they are all different colors. Takes me back to lovely memories of childhood birthday parties in the 60s.

Stylish yet playful— I love it!



My customer was dressed much differently than the woman in the opening verse. Her attire spoke of innocent joy. The Proverbs 7 woman’s attire communicates lust and seduction.

During my work day any type of apparel may sport itself in front of me.. Pajamas passing themselves off as clothes suitable for public wear. Business suits and ensembles looking like they stepped out of a fashion magazine. I see scrubs and clothes in need of scrubbing, barely there bikinis and fur coats during the heat of summer. Each one speaking a message. It’s like a Walmart smorgasbord everyday. We really do see it all.

Never know what you will see at the Toll Booth or at Walmart


How we choose to dress says more about who we are than we may realize. Our clothing choices send messages to people. Ever think about what message you wish to send out to the public? Does it match the way you dress?

I aim to dress in well fitting bright colored outfits. I choose clothes that are fun rather than stuffy and unapproachable. I’m attempting to send out a message of stylish friendliness with hints of compassion to whoever I may meet.

Me and Cortney

“. . . The LORD doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”

I Samuel 16:7b

Our clothing choices tend to mirror who we are. So the above verse from the Old Testament is comforting if our hearts are pure. Otherwise, not so much.

What about you? What are your clothes saying?

Shine on. . .

karan k



ELVIS Encounter


“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25 New International version

ELVIS. Most people either love him or hate him.

Seven summers ago when our daughter was a young teenager my neutrality concerning Elvis was challenged. My husband and I decided to take a family fun trip. We boarded a plane and headed for Tennessee—destination— Graceland, home and final resting place of Elvis Aaron Presley. At the time I wanted to take a trip that would bless our daughter. She and her father loved Elvis so I planned to explore Graceland with them.

Headsets on ready to enter the mansion at Graceland 2010

Graceland is all things Elvis. It could have been nauseating after several hours of exposure to his music nonstop and seeing his face and image everywhere conceivable. But somehow I found it energizing. The three of us had an amazing time deepening family bonds.

Inside the home were the famous rooms you may have caught on tv or movies: The music room adjoining the gorgeous living room with stain glass peacocks in the doorway. The bizarre billiard room covered floor to ceiling in matching fabric.
The jungle room which Elvis called “the den” with built in waterfall. And the TV room with three tvs mounted side by side so the ‘King’ could watch football on all three major networks at once. The home truly is an unusual feast for the senses.

But behind all the glitz and kitsch, the thing that moved me was displayed in the museum area of the house. Wall after wall covered with cancelled checks written by Elvis for charity. St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Muscular Dystrophy Association, American Heart and Cancer Research Associations, American Red Cross to name just a few. He gave extravagant gifts such as mink coats, jewelry, and cars to friends and family as well as skads of strangers. He helped schools and causes wherever he went from the time he started making money until his death. One of his favorite gifts to give was Cadillacs. He gave away 100+ Cadillacs in his short lifetime.

“. . .The INTENT of Elvis’ charitable endeavors were simply. . . the purity of his heart and his desire to help his fellow man.” Jeff Schrembs The Elvis expert

I pray I learn to FLURISH in generosity from the abundance I’ve been given.

If you’re an Elvis fan, what is your favorite Elvis song? Mine is “Burnin Love”.

Shine on. . .
karan k

Note: Earlier in 2017 Graceland added an extra attraction. In addition to the Presley home there is now “Elvis Presley’s Memphis”, a 200,000 foot complex to display the best of the 1.5 million item collection including cars, jets, costumes, records etc.



Life Time


“The indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.” Wikipedia

Recognize this definition? Chances are you never looked at this definition because we are all so familiar with the concept. But I found it intriguing to reflect upon the thought that we are a tiny segment on the continuing, changing line of TIME. Equally mind bending is the fact that TIME is irreversible. Think about that. Each moment that passes is gone forever, never to return.

A young woman pulls up to the booth on a frigid day in January sporting a gray beanie with large letters in fluorescent green. The letters glowing across her forehead read YOLO. You know the phrase, it was popular a few years ago: YOLO — You Only Live Once.


I wondered to myself what that term meant to her in her personal life? Was she a thrill seeker trying to squeeze as much adventure as possible out of each day? Was she an ambitious entrepreneur seeking to break into some exciting new business and working daily toward that goal and not about to waste time. Or was she simply determined to try everything under the sun whether it was good for her or not? I guess I’ll never know, but as always it made me think.

I remember in Christian circles there were two added lines to YOLO;
“You only live once, this life is soon past
Only what you do for Christ will last”

So what does YOLO mean for you? What or on whom are you spending your lifetime? When we’re young it seems we have so much life ahead to do whatever we want. And then we find out as we grow older time seems to slip through our grasp faster and faster.

Time is mysterious

Science has not yet explained the mysteries of time and how it seems to speed as we age but one theory by William James made sense to me. He hypothesized that we gauge time by memorable events in our life. When we are young there are so many new things to experience. First day of school. First friend. First bicycle. First kiss. Prom. Graduation. Etc., All these events outweigh the average daily life of a working person where one day seems no different than the next. So time is altered or so it seems.

If Mr. James’ theory is true then we need to chase after new things. New experiences, new friendships, new challenges, new leaps of faith to keep life fuller and time slower.

Last year Dwight and I took surfing lessons. It was on his bucket list and I sorta got roped into it. This year, Lord willing, we are working toward experiencing the “Hang Loose” island life in Hawaii together. That is on my list.

Is there something on your bucket list you want to do but keep shoving that thought to the back of your mind thinking you’ll get to it later? Time is probably moving faster than we realize. So make or revisit your bucket list. Revel in past checked off experiences and start adding new ones to the list. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. We can garner ideas from each other. Share your bucket list plans as we FLURISH together and have the Time of our Lives!

“How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog—it’s here a little while, then it’s gone.” James 4:14 New Living translation

Enjoy Yourself. It’s Later Than You Think. . .

Shine on. . .
karan k

Fond Memories

“So I recommend having fun. . . ” Ecclesiastes 8:15a New Living translation

This is a holiday weekend to remember those who have fought for our country, its freedoms and values throughout the years since our inception. Many ceremonies and celebrations will take place over the course of this weekend here in the US of A. The courage of the men and women who have and are serving our nation afford us many freedoms. One of those freedoms is to have fun.

Parades, ceremonies, cook-outs

I am blessed to share this time with two of my oldest friends who travelled from out of state to be here this weekend. There’s something special about people who have known you since childhood. People who have watched you grow up and been there for the good choices and the bad. The ups and downs of your life. They know you so well and yet they love you. What a comfort to one’s soul.

Yesterday, while driving my friends on an errand, we had an incident occur that I knew immediately would go into our book of fond memories.

1979 Pontiac Safari Station Wagon

My husband graciously allowed me to take my friends in our 1979 Pontiac Catalina Safari station wagon. The car is as big and as long as its name.:) It’s the kind that has the flip up backward third seat to sit in and watch out the back window. It’s a fun way to see where you’ve been.  Recalling this now I find it an extremely apropos experience in this car with my oldest friends.

So I’m backing down our driveway. The radio is playing “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey. The neighbor’s Basset Hound across the street is standing in the yard staring as this rumbling yellow (technically Montego Cream) beast of a machine with dual exhaust moves toward him. His owner, who I have never personally met, is in the yard, notices us and waves. So wanting to be a friendly neighbor, I push on the horn and begin to wave when the horn decides to continue blowing. It will not stop and I feverishly try to depress the horn again when the cap flies off exposing the wiring which continues to blast the horn. I cannot begin to exaggerate how loud this horn sounds.  My two friends are laughing hysterically as we cruise down the street announcing our arrival to every house on the block and beyond.

Friend in the front seat scrambles to retrieve the cap while I discover if I pinch the wire the horn stops. So friend in front seat pinches the wire while I drive and friend  in the back seat is laughing to tears and I fear she may wet herself on the vintage upholstery.

By the grace of God we pull over and attempt to get the cap back on which depresses the spring mechanism just enough to silence the horn… thank God. That is, until we pull into our destination’s parking lot and the obnoxious horn goes off again without provocation. My friends and I want to crawl under rocks but instead we laugh our heads off while those looking on stare in bewildered annoyance.

Good times. Good times. To see my friends laugh like this with utter abandon is priceless. Life can get serious and hard for all of us but moments such as these are gems in our book of memories. None of us will ever forget this stupid little incident which will always produce a smile and a laugh whenever remembered.

Happy Memorial Day to us.

I hope you can make some silly, simple memories this Memorial Day weekend and throughout the coming summer months. FLURISH in fun!

“A cheerful heart is good medicine.” Proverbs 17:22a New Living translation

Shine on. . .
karan k

Pretty Tasty?


I am an absolute sucker for decorated edibles. Cut-out cookies shaped like bunnies, lambs and chicks abound this time of year. The soft icing hues dusted with delicate colored sugar lure me every time. They are a visual delight that screams out BUY and EAT!


Specialty chocolates created to look like bird nests complete with tiny blue eggs are irresistible. Whimsical milk and dark chocolate molded into tiny creatures or sprinkle laden spheres delight my senses. But the epitome of culinary confection that simply spazzs out my tastebuds is the gourmet cupcake.


Cupcakes can be so darn cute I can barely stand it. Set me loose in a cupcake shop full of swirls of airy frosting and I’ll go crazy, easily putting myself in hypoglycemic shock! Lord have mercy, I’m soooo weak!

Buttercream creations fashioned into feather light flowers atop luscious mounds of moist cake tempt my tastebuds. Some with a surprise middle equal indescribable deliciousness! (Lancaster Cupcake is my current fave supplier, just sayin).



Some pastries are just too pretty to eat. Ever feel that way about a darling bunny cookie or luscious looking cupcake? I have and I hate to ruin the beauty by consuming it. But sacrifices must be made.


Decades ago I attended a dinner theatre that had gorgeous puff pastries shaped in the form of swans. I carefully placed one on my plate and went back to my seat anticipating the scrumptiousness of the swan. Delicate flakiness deceived my eyes. I took one bite and my tongue discovered the truth.

The pretty swan tasted terrible. The flaky feathers were dry and the cream filling had no taste. The chocolate accents were waxy and nasty. The pretty swan was a sham, all visual with no substance. What a disappointment. Time has not erased this memory which left a bad taste in my mouth.


In the realm of pastry perfection, presentation is important but the real test is the taste.
The same can be said of our view of God. Sometimes we see Him as good. Fulfilling all our needs and taking great care of us. Sometimes we or others present Him as hard, unfair, uncaring. But the truth is in the taste.


“Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see— how good God is. Blessed are you who run to Him.” Psalm 34:8 The Message Bible

When we truly taste the Lord there will be no disappointment, no lack of flavor.  I’ve found Him to be the ultimate spice and sweetness of life. Nothing else in this world can satisfy our hunger. Put Him to the TASTE Test and SEE His unfailing goodness.


Have your pretty TASTY cake and eat it too
Have your pretty TASTY cake and eat it too

Shine on. . .
karan k

Tales from the Booth: Just For Fun

“. . .Send men out to explore the land of Canaan, . . .” Numbers 13:1b


Isn’t this a beautiful panoramic scene?  Get out your walking stick, hiking boots  and back pack. It screams out to be explored.  Anyone recognize the area? I admit I never heard of this place.

In addition to exploration, I also like words. Some people like numbers but I relate much better to words. Out here in the toll booth I see all types of things and lots of words. The other day a tractor trailer pulled up and on the side of the blue cab was painted the necessary ID info. When I noticed the name of the town from which his trucking company hailed, I laughed to myself.  Sounded absurd. Salmon Arm, B.C.

Fresh clean beauty of Gods creation
Fresh clean beauty of Gods creation



Perhaps that doesn’t strike you funny but it tickled my funny bone. What possessed someone to name a town Salmon Arm? Fish are devoid of appendages.  I decided to investigate. By the way, have  you heard of Salmon Arm? Or better yet, visited this place? Send me your experiences in the comment section.

Salmon Arm has graduated from a village to a city (as of 2005) located in the southern Interior of the Canadian province of British Columbia. It sits on the shores of Lake Shuswap where the Salmon River empties into the Salmon Arm reach of the Lake. Thus the name Salmon Arm. Mystery solved.

Salmon Arm Wharf --- longest inland wooden curved wharf in Canada
Salmon Arm Wharf — longest inland wooden curved wharf in Canada

In 1962 the final stretch of the Trans-Canada highway aka Rogers Pass was opened. This construction threw wide the floodgates of tourism to Salmon Arm. Several beaches and lake areas surround the city providing fishing, camping and boating. House boat rentals are big business for Salmon Arm.

The Salmon Arm Roots and Blues festival has been the pinnacle event for tourists and locals alike at summers end for over 20 years. The three day festival features diverse musical genres, instruments and acts from all over the world. Highlights include a Family Fun Zone, a Global Food Village, shaded beer gardens, an Artisan market selling local wares and six music stages. The festival expands with each passing year, adding new attractions and more artists. Sounds like a road trip destination if you are looking for unusual places to visit.


So where will your vacation plans take you this year? Shoot me a comment and share your plans.  There’s a huge world out there. Get your gear ready and go exploring. There could be a personal adventure for you in the most unlikely of places. For some people, that place is Salmon Arm. 🙂

FLURISH wherever you go exploring!

Shine on. . .

karan k