Desirable Part I

When I was 13 we moved from a small three bedroom house about 1300 square feet total into a home where the kitchen/dining area alone was 500 square feet. It was a wonderful blessing for the family to escape our former cramped quarters. All six of us now had plenty of space due to my grandfather’s passing and my mother inheriting his home. He was always so kind to us and I adored him. My grandfather touched my life while he lived and continues to influence me.
One day, after we moved in, I rummaged through a box of Grandfather’s books. I came across a small red book that had white hearts on the cover. You cannot imagine the title of the book. To this day it remains a mystery to me because it seemed so out of place among his popular mechanics magazines, medical journals and fitness books. My eyes slid slowly over the letters; “HOW TO CATCH A HUSBAND”.
It didn’t even make sense that he should have such a book. But I was thoroughly intrigued and read the book from cover to cover that very day. Granted, at the hoary old age of thirteen I was not yet thinking about a husband. Most girls plan out their dream weddings but not  much planning about the type of man they will live with for life.  But I did think about boys ALOT and wanted to secure a good one to share my life with someday. I figured any tips I could glean from Grandfather’s book might be helpful. And that was an understatement.
The main point I attained and retained from the book is this: If you want to find a good mate, you first have to be a good mate. That simple truth shaped my thinking for future friendships as well as romantic relationships. It became my mission to be the best person I could be. I decided to pay attention to any advice or criticism I got, constructive or not. I determined to face my flaws even if they were painful. This took some courage. I started on the outside with my hair and clothes. I learned how to wash and dry my hair to keep it from looking like “dry straw” (someone once called it that) and studied fabric colors to see what clothes looked best with my skin tone. I joined marching band in high school and began working out at home after I graduated so I could stay in shape physically. My physical appearance improved and I never lacked boyfriends.
The surface or outer improvements were easy after I accepted the need to make them and results showed up rather quickly. I continued with this approach toward self improvement in every area of life as each one reared its ugly neglected head, in some cases. I refused to be frightened by my own flaws and pressed forward.

I Timothy 4:8 says “Workouts in the gymnasium are useful, but a disciplined life in GOD is far more so, making you fit both today and forever..” The Message Bible
Somehow I knew there were deeper improvements to be made. . . . the tough ones that were hidden from the natural eye. “What matters is not your outer appearance—
the styling of your hair, the jewelry you wear, the cut of your clothes— but your inner disposition.” I Peter 3:3 The Message Bible
I will share more about this in Part II.
For now, think about what areas in your life could use some attention. Be honest with yourself. Make a list if that helps and then begin to research ways you can become the best you possible. The internet is a great resource if you have access to a computer. YouTube has lots of instructional videos to teach you things and you can successfully Google almost anything. i.e.:
Bushy eyebrows bothering you? Watch a video on how to shape them yourself. If money is not a problem try scheduling an eyebrow wax with your next haircut.
If you have a trusted friend, ask them for honest opinions on your overall look. Don’t let hurt feelings hold you back from making improvements. People who love us can see what we can’t, things that may be holding us back just because we refused to see past our own perceptions.

Trust GOD in this whole process. HE definitely wants you to reach the potential HE created for you! HE desires that you FLURISH! “For we are GOD’s masterpiece. HE has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.” Ephesians 2:10 New Living translation
Shine on. . .
karan k

3 thoughts on “Desirable Part I”

  1. Karan, this is awesome! Can’t wait to read part II ! This was funny and down to earth. I love how you talked about in order to have a good mate, you have to be a good mate. I also loved the part where you listened to praise and criticism as I think we need both in our lives at times if we are going to grow. It was great how you didn’t just end the blog with “I wanted to be a better person” but instead, you provided some examples of steps you did and ideas of what we could do to get started. I’m sorry if this comment is too long….this is my first time commenting on a blog and I don’t know if there is a “length rule” for comments. I will end by saying very cool, Karan, very cool.

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