Just an Old Fashioned Love Song


Or Noisy Shower Song?
How many of you enjoy singing, not professionally, but in your daily life? In the shower? In the car? It’s a simple joy somewhat lost to our modern society. So many distractions, so much on our to do lists. Who has time for singing except those who make their living by it? I want you to consider some physical and emotional benefits of singing:

  •  Singing can reduce anger, depression and anxiety.
  •  It boosts our immune system.
  •  Singing opens sinuses and respiratory tubes.
  • Mental alertness improves.
  •  It tones our facial muscles.
  • Singing improves our aerobic capacity and decreases muscle tension.
  • It can improve our sleep.
  • *Singing exercises our lungs. It tones our intercostal muscles and diaphragm.
  • Singing enhances mood, giving a feeling of well being.
  •  It increases self esteem and confidence.
  •  It increases creativity.
  •  It evokes emotions.
  • Singing can be energizing.

These are just a few benefits. With all these positive advantages, why do we sing so infrequently? It costs nothing on our part, just some effort. Is it because our moods do not warrant singing? Sometimes we need to push through thick negative feelings and force out some singing. “I will sing to the LORD for HE is good to me.” Psalm 13:6 New Living translation

Moods can be affected greatly by singing.
When I was barely a teenager, a Sunday School teacher formed a small ensemble of 9 girls to sing during the Easter celebration at church. We ranged in age from 11-14. I was thrilled to be part of this group. I took my assigned place in the back row due to my height, or so I thought. Seems suspect now.
During our first rehearsal, the teacher stopped us  after one stanza of our song and spoke to me in front of the group. She said I should simply  mouth it from now on. Needless to say, I embraced a detrimental complex from that moment on about singing. I felt terribly insecure about my voice. I stopped singing altogether for many years. I felt no one wanted to hear my horrible voice. My spirit was injured.
In adulthood a close friend showed me some verses that I took to heart. Psalm 98:4 “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.” And Psalm 100:1 “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands.” King James version
This helped me believe GOD loved hearing my voice even if it was a noise to others. I knew He created me and my voice. I figured He must want to hear it or He would not have created it. So I began to sing joyfully and boldly for my King. Lighter, lovelier moods have danced in my heart ever since. Read Psalm 95:1&2 in various versions
How long has it been since you sang your heart out?  Has someone or some experience injured your spirit? Don’t let it rob you of the joy HE has for you. Singing is healthy  so go ahead and sing at the top of your lungs. Your Lord wants to hear your voice and bless your soul simultaneously. FLURISHING will follow.
Shine on. . . and sing. . .6729843_e9a9cbed20_o
karan k

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  1. Wow Karen I finally took some tme to read your blogs. They’re great! You my dear friend have “Flurished”. Makes sense as to how the spirit led you to that name. Keep sharing your experiences and encounters with Papa with the rest of us. Bless you!

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