Morning Musings

Morning Musing

Just enjoying the cool morning breeze after midnight summer storms blew through our neighborhood. A cup of coffee and a sweet husband by my side relaxing and sharing thoughts. This is a bit of heaven on earth for me. Life seems to be less complicated as I grow older at least where my joy and contentment lie.

Love relaxing on a quiet lake
Love relaxing on a quiet lake

What is it that you treasure and look forward to most? Can you add more of it to your life? Do you believe your daily life can be enhanced?

When I was younger I lived for vacation time. Some place new, filled with never tried before experiences. Thrill seeking explorations and always lots of photos of myself enjoying them. Face Book was not a part of our daily lives back then so I have numerous albums recording my life in pictures. I wanted something to look back on when I envisioned myself old and relegated to a rocker. I wanted to see exactly how I spent my life. I wanted no regrets. I continued this practice for years and I do enjoy flipping through the photos every now and then but mostly they are just sitting in storage boxes.

Today as I sit and reflect, my life is full. I don’t need photos to prove it to myself any longer. I praise GOD that I have arrived at this incredible place of inner joy and contentment that the younger me was searching for relentlessly. Joy is consistent in my heart now and I can bask in everyday things. When the thrills come I am grateful but I no longer chase after them. Truly life is good.


I Timothy 6:6 says, “Yet true godliness with contentment is itself great wealth.” I desire to be a godly woman but Proverbs 31 (read verses 10-31) has some high standards which I will continue to shoot toward as long as I live by HIS grace. Right now, I am so thankful for the growth in my life and for HIS sweet nurturing of my soul. I have come a looooonnnnnnnggg way, baby as the old Virginia Slims cigarette commercial slogan states. As all of us, my life was filled with pain and failures twisted into some interesting choices that HE used to form the reality of who I’ve become. Now  I’m able to share this hope  available for everyone for a rich and happy life. Knowing it’s available and experiencing it for yourself are two very different things.  I will be unraveling more of my personal journey for those interested in the days ahead.

For now, enjoy where you are.  Even if you’re in a tough spot. Search for the pleasures HE has specifically designed for you.  They won’t magically appear on their own. Count your blessings as the old hymn goes; . . . “Count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your many blessings see what God has done.” If we practice gratitude more often, our ability to FLURISH will soar.

Shine on. . .
karan k

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