Patriots Dream


While I was growing up, my mother was obsessed with a gospel group called the Couriers. We attended their concerts throughout our tristate area and beyond whenever she successfully twisted my father’s arm.
For years during the summer we spent two full weeks at a local  camp meeting hosted by the three men who comprised this group.: Duane, a tenor, Dave the base and Neil the lead who played piano and excelled as a songwriter. Mother lived as though she personally knew each of these men and referred to them by their first names so I will do the same. A bit of fantasy never hurt anyone, right?

Neil tried out new material every now and then at camp meeting for audience reaction. In 1974/75 he introduced us to his latest song. This song especially enflamed my preteen heart with great passion. A few years later for fourth of July I dressed up and performed the song for visiting relatives. I was being totally serious in my rendition of the song but one of them laughed. Normally I’d be hurt but I was too stoked to care this time. I was sharing my personal Patriot’s Dream.

Today the lyrics of that song continue to stir my heart on a deeper level. The song is Neil Enloe’s STATUE OF LIBERTY which won song of the year in 1976 at the Dove awards. Perhaps you are familiar with it? For those who are not, check out the lyrics. Simple yet profound in this day of high priced/ low value freedom.


In New York Harbor stands a lady

With a torch raised to the sky

And all who see her know she stands  for

Liberty for you and me


I’m so glad to be called an American

To be named with the brave and the free

I will honor our flag and our trust in God

And the Statue of Liberty


On lonely Golgotha stood a cross

With my Lord raised to the sky

And all who kneel there live forever

As all the saints can testify


I’m so so glad to be called a Christian

To be named with the ransomed and whole

As the Statue liberates the citizen

So the cross liberates the soul


Oh the cross is my Statue of Liberty

It was there that my soul was set free

Unashamed I’ll proclaim that a rugged cross

Is my Statue of Liberty

Neil Enloe


On this July 4, 2016, may you value and reflect on the liberties you have in this country if you happen to be an American. So much we take for granted on a daily basis that patriots bled and died to secure.  Think about that for awhile. Then go deeper and reflect on the freedoms our LORD paid for on the cross. As Christian Americans we are truly free indeed! Freedom gives us power. Go make a difference in our world for all those yet enslaved! Happy FLURISHING Fourth of July!

Take your gifts and use your freedoms for HIS glory
Take your gifts and use your freedoms for HIS glory

Shine on. . .

karan k


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