Pretty Tasty?


I am an absolute sucker for decorated edibles. Cut-out cookies shaped like bunnies, lambs and chicks abound this time of year. The soft icing hues dusted with delicate colored sugar lure me every time. They are a visual delight that screams out BUY and EAT!


Specialty chocolates created to look like bird nests complete with tiny blue eggs are irresistible. Whimsical milk and dark chocolate molded into tiny creatures or sprinkle laden spheres delight my senses. But the epitome of culinary confection that simply spazzs out my tastebuds is the gourmet cupcake.


Cupcakes can be so darn cute I can barely stand it. Set me loose in a cupcake shop full of swirls of airy frosting and I’ll go crazy, easily putting myself in hypoglycemic shock! Lord have mercy, I’m soooo weak!

Buttercream creations fashioned into feather light flowers atop luscious mounds of moist cake tempt my tastebuds. Some with a surprise middle equal indescribable deliciousness! (Lancaster Cupcake is my current fave supplier, just sayin).



Some pastries are just too pretty to eat. Ever feel that way about a darling bunny cookie or luscious looking cupcake? I have and I hate to ruin the beauty by consuming it. But sacrifices must be made.


Decades ago I attended a dinner theatre that had gorgeous puff pastries shaped in the form of swans. I carefully placed one on my plate and went back to my seat anticipating the scrumptiousness of the swan. Delicate flakiness deceived my eyes. I took one bite and my tongue discovered the truth.

The pretty swan tasted terrible. The flaky feathers were dry and the cream filling had no taste. The chocolate accents were waxy and nasty. The pretty swan was a sham, all visual with no substance. What a disappointment. Time has not erased this memory which left a bad taste in my mouth.


In the realm of pastry perfection, presentation is important but the real test is the taste.
The same can be said of our view of God. Sometimes we see Him as good. Fulfilling all our needs and taking great care of us. Sometimes we or others present Him as hard, unfair, uncaring. But the truth is in the taste.


“Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see— how good God is. Blessed are you who run to Him.” Psalm 34:8 The Message Bible

When we truly taste the Lord there will be no disappointment, no lack of flavor.  I’ve found Him to be the ultimate spice and sweetness of life. Nothing else in this world can satisfy our hunger. Put Him to the TASTE Test and SEE His unfailing goodness.


Have your pretty TASTY cake and eat it too
Have your pretty TASTY cake and eat it too

Shine on. . .
karan k

One thought on “Pretty Tasty?”

  1. Long ago I lost my taste for all those pretty creations. Don’t get me wrong, I still they’re beautiful or cute or creative, but tasty? No way. When I was little I thought they’d taste like all kinds of delicious fruit flavors–as delicious as they were pretty, but I quickly discovered they all tasted the same–like sugar. May as well have a teaspoon of sugar and call it good enough. It would be less calories anyway.

    None the less, I enjoyed your creative writing.

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