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Forever flowing
Forever flowing


FLURISH: Streamin
my mind meanders thru a maze of make believe memos must’ve misplaced my medicine murky malaise messes with my mental messages misunderstandings melt my miniscule mouth mostly melodious memories minuet mentally across my mind
Wha wha. . . what? The letter M in streams of consciousness. Does that ring a bell for you? Maybe not.
When I was in high school a couple of close friends and I would spend our lunch study hall in the typing room. Just for kicks we’d pick a letter from the alphabet and type whatever words started with that letter for twenty minutes. Then we’d read our crazy streams back to each other. I thoroughly enjoyed this little creative activity and it sure made study hall a lot more fun.

Stream of Consciousness, which according to Literary Criticism is also called ‘Interior Monologue”, and is a technique that depicts the multitudinous thoughts and feelings that pass through the mind. (Definition sure sounds like its own stream!) James Joyce’s “Ulysses” and Edgar Allan Poe’s “Tell Tale Heart” are early examples of this literary device at work capturing the thoughts flowing through the protagonist’s mind.

You will notice a void of punctuation or capitalization in the first paragraph. It’s an example of streaming consciousness and as such, it does not appear to itself as chopped up in small pieces. It is nothing joined, rather it flows or streams without stopping. Like a river, creek or babbling brook. Techies might relate it to live streaming over the internet. A constant flow of information, large or small.

What does all this literary garble about streams of consciousness have to do with FLURISHING? So glad you asked because I would have told you regardless!:)

To Flurish daily we need a constant flow of communication with our Heavenly Father. It is impossible to do it formally and physically all day, like being on your knees hours at a time as some religions demand. Our Father understands we need to work, attend school and take care of family duties etc. HE applauds our efforts in these areas and wants us to take care of our responsibilities. However, because He is omniscient or all knowing as we learned in an earlier post, HE constantly reads our thoughts. Isaiah 40:28c “…HE knows everything inside and out…” The Message Bible, “… the Lord— knows the thoughts of man, that they are but a breath.” Psalm 94:11 English Standard version. This gives us 24-7 access to Him! He loves constant rapport with us!
We can stream with Him about everything we experience everyday. We just keep turning our thoughts back to Him and get His take on what we are facing moment by moment. This draws us ever closer to Him. It’s how we fulfill the counsel of the Apostle Paul to “Never stop praying” in I Thessalonians 5:17 New Living translation. If you set your mind to stream with HIM, HE will draw close to you (James 4:8). Try it and let it become your lifestyle, a lifestyle of FLURISHING!

For you tech mongers, think of God the Father as the Supreme data base constantly sending live streams for you to hear, experience and reciprocate. And HIS Digital Subscriber Line is the fastest you’ll find with the absolute broadest band ever!!!
Happy Streamin!!!
Shine on….
karan k