Ahhhhh. . .
Ahhhhh. . .

Here on the east coast summer is upon us and brings the season for  fun and R & R (rest and relaxation for all you Millennials). Most of us work throughout the year and look forward to a week or two of cherished vacation time. I am doing that even as I write.
Traveling is one of my favorite leisure activities. Whether I travel far across the ocean to Europe, a little jaunt to the beach, visit friends or family in another state or simply travel across the house to the deck for time off there is something I always do.
I make it a point wherever I go to answer a special invitation: “LET’S GO OFF BY OURSELVES AND REST AWHILE.” Mark 6:31a New Living translation. Jesus and His disciples were so busy ministering to others that at times they didn’t even get a chance to eat! Our lives are busy and tiring too which is why we all need vacation time.
So on every vacation or staycation, I bring my Bible and some devotionals. I find a special place at each location where HE and I can have our own private rendezvous. We talk about HIS unique features at whatever locale I am exploring and I  relay to Him all my concerns, knowing HE will gladly take care of them. HE delights in lightening our loads.
I have been doing this for years and each place holds the most beautiful memories because we shared it together. On my honeymoon in 2007, I got up before my darling groom awoke and found a place outside our bungalow to relax and share all my new wonders with my LORD. I can still see the precious spot in my minds eye; lush greenery surrounding a small rock wall where I sat and had sweet communion with the Lover of my Soul.
There’s a special olive tree in Salo, a tiny seaside town in Italy that holds another  treasured spot in my heart. HE and I sat for part of an afternoon gazing across the sparkling Garda lake there. His creativity amazed my soul and senses.

But it was in 1999 when I realized HE truly wanted to explore with me WHEREVER I chose to go. I found myself alone for an entire day at Disney World, which was not what I wanted. What would I do? Mope and feel sorry for myself? It was kind of tempting but I decided to be brave and go alone on the transit system to the Animal Kingdom. Even tho I didn’t consider myself a huge animal lover, it was the one park I had yet to see. What an unexpected delight to see all the creatures with which HE was so well acquainted. Gorgeous white tigers sun bathing on rocks, giant Komodo dragons hiding in the brush, and frightening Fox bats flying in an overhead cage (grateful for cages!) all fascinated me. Exotic butterflies in exuberant hues floated  and flitted by as I walked the trails. I felt like Alice in some sort of wonderland. So blessed and not feeling alone at all! As a side; Jesus and I absolutely loved “It’s a Bugs Life”!!
I could recount for you memory after memory of traveling with Jesus but for now this will suffice. If you want to FLURISH through hectic or anxious vacation/staycation times, answer HIS invitation! HE will enhance every experience more than you can imagine!
Travel safe and never travel alone again!
Shine on. . .
karan k


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